Prometheus is part of the alerting stack that we use in Operate-First.

Adding or removing alerts#

To add alerts there are 2 modifications need to happen.

Firstly the alert itself must be constructed through a PrometheusRule file. Typically these files live alongside the application that they are creating the alerts for. Examples of this can be seen for argocd in MOC-Infra, jupyterhub on Smuag, and the blackbox exporter on Smuag. It is important to note that these PrometheusRule files are defined per overlay. For more information on creating the alerts themselves, refer to the prometheus docs.

Secondly, we must tell the alertmanager-github-receiver how to route the alerts. This can be done by modifying the alertmanager-main-secret file. This defines which alerts should be forwarded to which receivers. To remove or silence an alert, the entry can either be deleted, or the receiver can be swapped to the "null" value, which will silence it.

Adding new alertmanager github receiver instances#

Adding new receivers have 2 parts. Firstly create an overlay in the alertmanager directory, to create a new deployment of base and patching in the necesary value. An example of this for MOC/Smaug can be seen here. Secondly, the receiver needs to be defined in the alertmanager-main-secret.