With Grafana access, you will be able to:

  1. Access the Grafana UI to visualize Operate First cluster metrics and logs

  2. View saved metric visualization dashboards in Operate First Grafana instance

  3. Edit/Create new metric visualization dashboards in the Operate First Grafana instance

Supported Roles#

We support three different roles for accessing the Operate First Grafana instance:

  • Viewer: User has view access to all the dashboards and metric/log datasources.

  • Editor: In addition to Viewer permissions, user can edit/create new visualization dashboards.

  • Admin: In addition to Editor permissions, user can manage Dashboards and Datasources.

More information about these roles is available here.

Steps to follow#

To get the specific permissions needed to get Grafana access, please follow these steps:

  1. Onboard your project/group to Operate First (guide).

  2. Once your group has been onboarded, add your group and desired role to this list in a new line as:

    contains(groups[*], 'MY_GROUP_NAME')        && 'MY_DESIRED_ROLE' ||

    and create a PR (Pull Request). You can see an example Pull Request here.

  3. After your PR is reviewed/merged, you should have access to the Grafana Console.