Requesting more permissions for an ArgoCD Project (MOC)#

Once a team has been onboarded to ArgoCD. They may request additional permissions for their ArgoCD Project. For example, a team may request permissions to deploy a custom resource, but lack the permissions to do so.

Permissions for all projects can be found here.

All projects inherit permissions from the global project.

In general if one project requires additional permissions, then we extend that privilege to other projects, as such we advise just adding to the global project. To do this, simply edit the global_project.yaml and add the resource under namespaceResourceWhitelist.

For example, to give a project permissions to deploy Argo Workflows add the following to global_project.yaml located here:

    - group:
      kind: CronWorkflow
    - group:
      kind: Workflow
    - group:
      kind: WorkflowTemplate

You can also add these permissions to the specific project yaml, if for some reason it’s critical only one project has such permissions.