Add a new Kfdef#

Due to security reasons, we do not allow users to deploy their own Kfdefs (see here for details). However, should users want to request a Kfdef to their namespace, they can follow the instructions below for submitting a PR.

Steps: Let ENV, CLUSTER, and NAMESPACE be the environment, cluster, and namespace you would like to deploy this Kfdef to respectively.

  1. Fork & Clone operate-first/apps

  2. Add your Kfdef to kfdefs/overlays/$ENV/$CLUSTER/$NAMESPACE/kfdef.yaml, accompanied by a Kustomization.yaml that includes the kfdef.yaml.

  3. Add this Kfdef to the kfdefs/overlays/$ENV/$CLUSTER/kustomization.yaml

  4. Submit a PR


  • Since Kfdefs can be used to deploy manifests from external repositories, we only allow repositories that come from trusted sources. In general these are repositories part of the Open Data Hub, Kubeflow, or Operate-First org. Exceptions may apply.

  • Please avoid adding cluster-wide operators to your Kfdef if they have already been deployed by another Kfdef.