Add a Loki Data Source in OperateFirst Grafana#

To be able to query logs for your OrgID in Grafana, you need to add a new Loki data source with the 'X-Scope-OrgID' header set to your OrgID.

An example Data source template is shown below:

# opf-example-loki-source.yaml
kind: GrafanaDataSource
  name: loki-opf-example # update name here
  name: loki-opf-example # update name here
    - name: loki-opf-example # update name here
      type: loki
      access: proxy
      url: http://opf-observatorium-loki-query-frontend-http.opf-observatorium.svc.cluster.local:3100
      version: 1
      editable: false
        httpHeaderName1: "X-Scope-OrgID"
        httpHeaderValue1: "opf-example" # update OrgID here

In this template, all you need to do is update various resource names and replace opf-example in httpHeaderValue1 with a preferred OrgID. Please note that you will have to use this OrgID to push logs into Loki, otherwise your logs won’t be visible in Grafana.

Pick a suitable name, and add it our smaug grafana configurations here. Ensure that the name is unique amongst the GrafanaDataSource.

Also add this datasource file to the main kustomization.yaml by running the following:

$ cd grafana/overlays/moc/smaug/kustomization.yaml
$ kustomize edit add resource opf-example-loki-source.yaml