Loki is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system.

An instance of Loki is available for use in Operate First.

Accessing Loki#

Logs from Loki can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. Using the Grafana Console

  2. Using the Loki Query-API

Grafana Console access#

The Operate First Grafana console can be accessed at: https://grafana.operate-first.cloud/

To request access to the Grafana Console, read the following guide.

In Grafana, select the Explore tab on the right and select a loki datasource.

loki in grafana

If you need to add additional datasources, read the following guide.

Loki Query API access#

The Loki Query API can be accessed at:


Note that this URL is meant to be used as a query endpoint, not via the browser.

To request access to the Loki Query API and see some query examples, read the following guide.