Remove a Cluster from Operate First#


  1. Basic Git/GitHub knowledge

  2. Basic Linux knowledge

  3. ArgoCD knowledge and admin access to Operate First ArgoCD

  4. ACM access to the ManagedClusterSet that this cluster’s ManagedCluster

  5. Have kustomize and yq installed.

Before getting started complete the following steps:

  1. Fork/Clone the Operate-First apps repo. We’ll assume ${WORKDIR} is the location of your clone.

  2. Know the name of the environment and cluster you will be looking to remove. We will refer to these as $ENV and $CLUSTER respectively.

Values for $CLUSTER can be obtained by running:

kustomize build | yq e -N '' -

Similarly values for $ENV:

curl -sX GET | yq e '.[].name' -

Remove all ArgoCD manifests#

We will first remove all ArgoCD manifests. This step should take place first, and be submitted as the first PR on its own. This is to prevent ArgoCD from deleting from removing any manifests that will be removed from the apps repo repo in the later steps.

Identify your cluster’s app-of-apps in apps/argocd/overlays/moc-infra/applications/app-of-apps and remove it, for example:

rm ${WORKDIR}/argocd/overlays/moc-infra/applications/app-of-apps/app-of-apps-${CLUSTER}.yaml
rm ${WORKDIR}/argocd/overlays/moc-infra/applications/envs/$ENV/$CLUSTER -rf
CLUSTER=$CLUSTER yq -i e 'del(.resources[] | select(. == "app-of-apps-" + env(CLUSTER) + ".yaml") )' ${WORKDIR}/argocd/overlays/moc-infra/applications/app-of-apps/kustomization.yaml

If any ArgoCD projects were created as part of this cluster that you feel are no longer needed, please remove those as well, they are found in: argocd/overlays/moc-infra/projects. Remember to remove them from the kustomization.yaml as well. Please make sure that no other ArgoCD applications belong to this project that were not removed as part of the earlier deletion commands.

Submit a PR, once merged, you will need to look for the argocd-infra application, and manually sync these changes, as this ArgoCD app does not have Auto Sync enabled. Please only sync changes introduced from this PR, and confirm that all ArgoCD apps associated with this cluster were successfully removed. Once done proceed to the next steps.

Detach this cluster from ACM#

Navigate to the ACM console. Find your cluster under Clusters in the left panel. Click Actions at the top right and select Detach cluster. Wait until ACM successfully removes this cluster from the cluster list.

Remove all manifests belonging to this cluster from the apps repo:#

Go back to your apps repo clone at ${$WORKDIR}, and remove all application manifests in this repo:

$ rm ${WORKDIR}/*/overlays/${ENV}/${CLUSTER} -rf
$ rm ${WORKDIR}/cluster-scope/overlays/prod/${ENV}/${CLUSTER} -rf

If this was the only cluster in ${ENV}, go ahead and remove ${WORKDIR}/cluster-scope/overlays/prod/${ENV}.

$ rm ${WORKDIR}/cluster-scope/overlays/prod/${ENV}

Cleanup ACM manifests#

Navigate to the ACM folder in apps repo:

$ cd ${WORKDIR}/acm/overlays/moc/infra

Remove the cluster’s ManagedCluster if it exists:

# First inspect the `managedcluster` to see if it's part of a ManagedClusterSet, remember this value
$ MANAGED_CLUSTER_SET=`cat managedclusters/${CLUSTER}.yaml | grep`

# Now remove it
$ rm managedclusters/${CLUSTER}.yaml
$ CLUSTER=$CLUSTER yq -i e 'del(.resources[] | select(. == env(CLUSTER) + ".yaml") )' managedclusters/kustomization.yaml

Look to see if the ManagedClusterSet that this cluster belonged to has any other clusters belonging to it.

You can confirm whether any other clusters belong to the ManagedClusterSet by running a simple grep like:

$ kustomize build managedclusters | grep "${MANAGED_CLUSTER_SET}"

If this was the only cluster, then also remove the ManagedClusterSet and any associated ManagedClusterSetBindings found in:

  • acm/overlays/moc/infra/managedclustersetbindings

  • acm/overlays/moc/infra/managedclustersets