Giving a user project role access in the smaug cluster#


A namespace for the project should already be created before starting.

Create an OCP group#

  1. The first step for giving you project role access should be to create an OCP group. After creating a OCP group you will add your github username to the group.

  • Documentation on creating an OCP group can be found here.

  • The directory that contains all of the OCP groups can be found here

  1. After you create the group make sure to add your github username to the group by editing the group.yaml file.

Give the group the appropriate rbac(roles and and rolebindings)#

After creating a OCP group you must give the group the appropriate roles and rolebindings.

  1. Create a directory with the name of your OCP group here copy one of the other directories in that folder and use it as a template.

  2. Once the folder is copied, edit the rbac.yaml file and change

  3. Change to the OCP group created in the previous instructions.

Add the OCP group to your project/namespace#

You have now created the OCP group. You must now add the OCP group to your namespace

  1. Open the following file: cluster-scope/base/core/namespaces/<yourproject>/kustomization.yaml

  2. Add the path of the component that you created in /apps/cluster-scope/components/project-admin-rolebindings to the components section in the overlay kustomization.yaml file corresponding to the cluster you are deploying to. You can see examples of this here.