Operate First Cloud#

An Operate First Cloud is an instantiation of a production cloud environment where projects can bring their software to practice Operate First.

This cloud environment is:

  • Tied specifically to the Operate First project and community.

  • As open as possible, mimicking the setup of open source code repositories.

Location: The cloud environment spans multiple data centers and multiple geographies. In other words, it’s a decentralized setup without hard dependencies on certain data-center requirements.

User access: Anonymous visitors can read as much as possible and sign up to access the environment. They can then use the cloud environment as easy as any other modern cloud service (all within legal boundaries, of course).

Data security: This cloud is disconnected from commerical or university clouds to protect data that’s under stricter legal and security requirements.

Support: The environment is operated by a community with a best-effort support SLA, similar to support in open source software communities.