Community tenets#

These are the tenets (principles) we seek to uphold within the Operate First community. Take time to read each so you’re familiar with where Operate First puts is values and priorities:

  • Operate First will utilize open source production cloud environments to allow developers to evaluate their functionality and operability at scale with real world workloads.

  • Developers can evaluate quality, performance, and scale using open source software in an open source production cloud environment, enabling them to catch issues, ensure scale, and improve operations as they go.

  • Operate First can establish a direct link between cloud operators and open source projects to provide a feedback loop for identifying and resolving issues. Where appropriate, they can move toward better utilization of Continuous Deployment to catch issues closer to the source, to improve response, and to drive improvements.

  • Operate First will push operability into a targeted upstream where a wider community can participate and drive an open source solution for cloud operation. This includes striving to feed operational consideration back to various upstreams, ensuring that operational considerations are built in to upstream code and are robust enough for the technologies they nurture.

  • Operate First will measure cloud operator experience against the most prolific proprietary competitors to drive toward a first class experience for our open source clouds.

  • Operate First commits to a “best-effort community SLA” for upstream communities to run their software on their resources.