Mass Open Cloud (MOC)#

Another example of operating first…

The Mass Open Cloud (MOC) is a production public cloud developed on the OCX model.

  • Hosted at Boston University and housed at the Hariri Institute for Computing.

  • A collaborative effort between higher education, government, non-profit entities, and industry.

Primary goals:

  • To create an inexpensive and efficient at-scale production cloud utility (based on the OCX model) suitable for sharing and analyzing massive data sets and supporting a broad set of applications.

  • To create a testbed for researching and prototyping of cloud technology, enabling a broad community of researchers, open source developers and companies to develop new cloud computing technologies.

These goals are interdependent. To drive research, foster new technologies, and enable full exploration of the OCX model, a production cloud must have a customer base and a revenue stream that covers its costs.