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The number of communities and projects working withing the Operate First framework is constantly growing. And so are the different topics and usecases. You can use the idea, the platform, our governance and templates, or build something completely different upon the philosophy of Operate First. Contribute the way you like.

Data Science
Data Science
Before we attempt to apply any AI or machine learning techniques to improve the CI workflow, it is important that we know how to both quantify and evaluate the current state of the CI workflow. In order to do this we must establish and collect the relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to measure it. This is a critical first step as it allows us to quantify the state of CI operations, as well as apply the KPIs we will need to evaluate the impact of our AI tools in the future.
Issues: 99:233 | PRs 8:244
SIG Operations
SIG Operations
This repository contains all the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) principles and guidelines for managing the Operate First services. SRE is a software engineering approach to manage operations for systems, applications and services. We use software as a tool to manage systems, solve problems, and automate operations tasks.
Issues: 34:400 | PRs 0:44
SIG Community
SIG Community
This repository is used by all members of the Operate First community for managing the ongoing support and sustaining the community of persons and organizations around this initiative.
Issues: 78:54 | PRs 8:74
OS Climate
OS Climate
Using Open Data Hub toolkit and Operate First infrastructure for OS-Climate - This repository is the central location for the demos the Open Services (previously AICoE) team is developing within the OS-Climate project.
Issues: 33:81 | PRs 10:71
Operate First Apps
Operate First Apps
This repository serves as a centralized source of truth for the Operate First Community Cloud Offering. In this repository you will find various OCP/K8s manifests that define the desired state of all our clusters and different services deployed on these clusters.
Issues: 51:289 | PRs 21:1,878

Who are we?

We are data scientists, software engineers, and DevOps professionals working within the Operate First framework on Open Source software with Open Operations and infrastructure.
We are focused on solving large scale operational issues around developing intelligent applications and managing hybrid cloud systems through the application of advanced automation and machine learning.
In short, we are building an all-Open Source community cloud as the best and clear way to understand and solve common, interrelated problems, while documenting the methods and practices of running a cloud.

Join us!

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