Building an all-Open Source community for cloud operations

Why build an Open Source community centered on cloud operations?

Open Source software is widely available, but it faces an operations-barrier when bringing it to a production environment. If it is proprietary services enabling Open Source to run in production or as a cloud, it undermines the Open Source development model. We must remove this barrier with an Open Source approach, creating Open Operations. This means developers and operators collaborate Openly to apply a product's operational considerations right back into the code itself.
App Developers
Deploy and maintain apps in an Open operations environment. Gather your own data and receive input on how to make your app operate better.
SRE & DevOps
Site reliability engineering (SRE) is the evolution of DevOps for operating managed services. Join the movement to learn, capture, and apply SRE best practices in an Open operations environment, and help app developers build operations considerations back into their code.
Participate in the Operate First community. Contribute to the success of our Open operations mission while learning or even teaching best and good-enough practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check the operational docs for the service. See if there's a section on how to access it. This will often instruct you on how to self provision access via a github PR. You need some basic git knowledge.
If you want someone to do it for you, you can make an issue in github support, but keep in mind the turnaround time for this is highly dependent on current workload of operations team.