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Operate First for Open Data Hub

Operate First is an initiative to operate software in a production-grade environment - bringing users, developers and operators closer together.

The goal is to create an Open Cloud environment, with reproducibility built-in, operated by a Community.

Open means, onboarding and getting involved should mimic the process of an Open Source project, where planning, issue tracking and the code are accessible in a read-only fashion.

Reproducibility caters towards being a blueprint for other setups. If we don’t want each environment to be a snowflake, we should be able to extract best practices that are easy to apply to new environments.

At the Office of the CTO at Red Hat, we can lead the way with Open Data Hub by opening up our operational knowledge to all open source communities to improve the integration and operability from the source.

Read more about it in an article on How to “open source” cloud operations

Getting started

Data Science

Get started with tutorials and examples for data science on Open Data Hub.


Learn how you can engage with Open Data Hub and access the deployed components.


See how we are deploying and operating Open Data Hub


Apply best practices and tooling to your own projects.


To contribute to the Operate First initiative, seek support or report bugs on the website, please open an issue here.