Getting Started in Operate First

This page is to help you get started using or contributing to the Operate First (Operate First) project.
Users are typically interested in doing work with the tools available in the Operate First community cloud. This page will guide you in understanding what those tools are and how to access them, along with some documentation and pointers to more comprehensive materials.
Contributors may also be doing work with the tools in the community cloud, but they are also interested in participating as a contributor. Contributions come in many forms, and from contributors of all experiences levels.
Contributions may take such forms as: content (like this webpage), user help, cloud operations with GitOps, cloud configuration suggestions, blogging, giving talks, presenting at meetups and video series, writing code, figuring out where code needs to be written and enabling others to write the code, and so many more.
Regardless of why you are here, you may ultimately be seen as a contributor. Users who bring workloads to the community cloud can be helping the underlying project purpose of gaining AI/ML insights from the observability of that workload running in an all-open source cloud.
To understand more, read about our purpose in creating and maintaining the Operate First project.

Getting started examples

Where you go is shaped by your background and your interests. You can explore how you may use or contribute to Operate First in many ways, such as:

I'm an app developer...

I develop software applications I deploy in production cloud environments. I want my production deployment to have Open Operations so DevOps professionals and site reliability engineers (SREs) can study how it operates and suggest how I can evolve the code to improve operational qualities.
Get started by:

I'm in DevOps or SRE...

I have provided DevOps or SRE services in a production cloud environment. I want to work in an Open Operations setting where I can gather information about an application's operational performance and suggest code changes to application developers to help them improve how their apps operate.
Get started by joining the Operate First Community Cloud.
Get started by:

I'm a data scientist...

I am a data scientist who wants to know more about the work currently happening in the Operate First space and how I might get involved.
Visit the Data Scientist page to learn more.

I'm a student or life-long learner ...

I am a student or learner of IT or software engineering who is interested in learning more about open source, DevOps, SRE, and applying open operations in a production environment.
Visit the Documentation and Training page to see what training we have available.
When you revisit in the future, you can jump directly to the docs and training page from the menu at the top.

I want to promote the Operate First movement...

I believe in the goal of Operate First and want to see the movement succeed. I want to follow what this community is doing and perhaps get involved in what's going on.
Get started by following or joining our Operate First Community.
When you revisit in the future, you can jump directly to the community page from the menu at the top.