SIG Operations#


The goal of this SIG is to define and coordinate management and operations for hardware and platform tooling within the Operate First Community Cloud (op1st)

In scope#

  • Define what is part and not part of the Operate First Cloud platform offering

  • Communicate a platform roadmap

  • Day to day operations of platform

  • Ensuring the stability of the platform

  • Upgrading the platform

  • Coordinate hardware and infrastructure provisioning

  • Resolving platform level incidents

  • Providing GitOps framework for managing platform

  • Providing Automation Runbooks for self servicing repetitive operations tasks

  • PR / Code reviews pertaining to cluster/platform management

  • Documentation of all above

  • Ensure recording decisions via the ADR process

  • Ensure inclusivity and transparency

  • Mentor new and existing contributors to areas that are in scope of this SIG

Out of scope#

  • User workload operations

  • Procuring hardware and infrastructure

Subproject Creation#

Creation of subprojects happnes through SIG consensus, coordinated by SIG Chairs. All subprojects and their memberships are tracked in sigs.yaml.