Operate First community cloud sunset how-to notes#


  1. Obtain an AWS account, connected to a credit card for billing or provided with AWS cloud credits for Open Source projects. You will need an AWS key to connect your OpenShift instance to.

  2. File a migration issue here. Tech lead Ryan Cook or a member of his team will work with you to use the no-cost ROSA tier being offered for these projects.


Note: This is not a free-for-all offering, you must be associated with a participating institution for easier connection. If you are not in a participating institution but are interested in the NERC, we will need to have a direct conversation about how to do that. You can open a ticket with this question here.

Refer to the NERC user guides for the User Onboarding Process Overview that explains the process and roles involved. The User Account Types document explains roles and getting an account.

  1. Request a NERC account, picking the General User* account type.

  2. File a migration issue here.

  3. You will be put in contact with Red Hat’s primary lead for intaking projects to NERC, who will perform a standard interview and NERC intake process for you.

  4. If you discover in this process there is a service needed that is not yet available, we’ll work with you to look for solutions.