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Operate First Support

Website: https://www.operate-first.cloud/

GitHub Support Repository: https://github.com/operate-first/support

For any questions, concerns, and/or requests, please use the appropriate Issue Template to open an issue on our GitHub. If no template fits your requirement, then please make a regular GitHub issue here.

End User Support

We have a community slack channel where we post announcements, general information, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to post a message to the #support channel.

MOC Environment

The Operate First initiative currently manages two clusters within the MOC environment.

Hetzner Environment

Operate First also deploys within EMEA region. Following clusters are deployed at Hetzner Cloud:

Please create an issue here if you would like to use a cluster. Note that unless you want to use ACM or operate ArgoCD, you are likely looking for access to the Zero cluster.

Managed Services

Operate First manages various applications and services in the environments listed above. These services are accessible to the general public, and their availability dashboards can be found here.

Note: Access to monitoring and dashboards (i.e. Prometheus and Grafana) is currently restricted, pending discussions on EULAs and data licensing. If you need to access these services in the meantime, please make an issue. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Open Data Hub

    • We manage a deployment of Open Data Hub (ODH) on the MOC Zero cluster
    • Read more about our deployment of ODH and access our dashboard
  • Kubeflow

    • We deploy a selection of Kubeflow components on the MOC Zero cluster
    • Read more about our deployment of Kubeflow and access our dashboard
  • ArgoCD

  • Observatorium

  • Cluster Logging Operator

    • We deploy the Cluster Logging Operator (CLO) with Elasticsearch and Kibana on the MOC Zero cluster
    • Anyone who has been onboarded to the Zero cluster can access their application logs via Kibana
    • You can also curl directly to Elasticsearch from this route, but you will need to provide your OCP bearer token
  • Openshift Container Storage

    • We deploy the Openshift Container Storage (OCS) operator on the MOC Zero cluster
    • OCS provides both persistent volumes and S3 compatible object storage via Rook Operator
    • Users can deploy their own S3 buckets via ObjectBucketClaims - see here for details
  • Dex OIDC Provider

    • We manage an instance of Dex on the Zero cluster; we are working towards using Dex to provide authentication for some of our services
    • Our Dex instance can also be used to drive authentication for other users. While documents are not yet available for this, experienced users can find the configurations here