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We are using the Strimzi Operator to manage our instance of Kafka.

Kafka Access

Here are the broker URLs For Kafka:

  • For external acces use odh-message-bus-kafka-bootstrap-opf-kafka.apps.zero.massopen.cloud:443
  • For internal access within MOC/Zero cluster use odh-message-bus-kafka-bootstrap.opf-kafka.svc:9093

SSL Certs

To send/receive messages in Kafka you will need a topic and also credentials/certs to be able to access that topic.

Credentials/certs are generated per KafkaUser bases.

To create a new kafka topic or kafka user, please make an issue in this repo requesting access.

If you want to do the above task yourself, you can look at the following docs for instructions:

Adding Kafka topics

To add Kafka topics see here.

Adding Kafka users

To add Kafka users see here.