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Add a grafana dashboard to OperateFirst Grafana

To be able to include your dashboards in Grafana, you will need to add a GrafanaDashboard custom resource. This custom resource is defined as a yaml file that can remotely reference the dashboard contents from a specified URL and falls back to an embedded json only if the URL can not be resolved.

An example grafana-dashboard-example.yaml template is shown below:

apiVersion: integreatly.org/v1alpha1
kind: GrafanaDashboard
  name: grafana-dashboard-from-url
    app: grafana
  name: grafana-dashboard-from-url.json
  url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/integr8ly/grafana-operator/master/deploy/examples/remote/grafana-dashboard.json

In this template, all you need to do is update:

  1. metadata.name - the dashboard name
  2. spec.url - the URL pointing to the location of your dashboard JSON file

Pick a suitable metadata.name, ensure that its unique in the odh/base/monitoring/overrides/grafana-operator/overlays/dashboards folder.

Save this file under odh/base/monitoring/overrides/grafana-operator/overlays/dashboards/grafana-dashboard-example.yaml.

Then add it to odh/base/monitoring/overrides/grafana-operator/overlays/dashboards/kustomization.yaml by running the following:

$ cd odh/base/monitoring/overrides/grafana-operator/overlays/dashboards/
$ kustomize edit add resource grafana-dashboard-example.yaml