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Add a Loki Data Source in OperateFirst Grafana

To be able to query logs for your OrgID in Grafana, you need to add a new Loki data source with the 'X-Scope-OrgID' header set to your OrgID.

An example Data source template is shown below:

# opf-example-loki-source.yaml
apiVersion: integreatly.org/v1alpha1
kind: GrafanaDataSource
  name: loki-opf-example # update name here
  name: loki-opf-example # update name here
    - name: loki-opf-example # update name here
      type: loki
      access: proxy
      url: http://opf-observatorium-loki-query-frontend-http.opf-observatorium.svc.cluster.local:3100
      version: 1
      editable: false
        httpHeaderName1: "X-Scope-OrgID"
        httpHeaderValue1: "opf-example" # update OrgID here

In this template, all you need to do is update various resource names and replace opf-example in httpHeaderValue1 with a preferred OrgID.
Please note that you will have to use this OrgID to push logs into Loki, otherwise your logs won’t be visible in Grafana.

Pick a suitable name, ensure that it’s unique in the observatorium/overlays/moc/grafana-data-sources folder.

Save this file under observatorium/overlays/moc/zero/grafana-data-sources/opf-example-loki-source.yaml.

Then add it to observatorium/overlays/moc/zero/grafana-data-sources/kustomization.yaml by running the following:

$ cd observatorium/overlays/moc/grafana-data-sources/
$ kustomize edit add resource opf-example-loki-source.yaml

The steps are identical for the other environments.