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January 25th, 2022

Create an AI pipeline on ODH using Elyra, Kubeflow and Tekton

  • By Oindrilla Chatterjee
  • In this session, learn how you can automate your data science workflow and run your notebooks in a automated fashion by creating an AI pipeline using Elyra, Kubeflow and Tekton.

Past Events

December 14th, 2021 - Build your own JupyterHub image with aicoe-ci

  • Presented by Karan Chauhan
  • Learn how to package your own data science content into container images using a simple CI tool, aicoe-ci, and share it as a reproducible data science development environment on JupyterHub.
  • Video Recording

November 30, 2021 - Reproducibility and Dependencies for Jupyter Notebooks

  • Presented by Francesco Murdaca
  • Learn about the existing open data science platform managed by the Operate First team and how to create and share reproducible notebooks with jupyterlab-requirements available on Open Data Hub images.
  • Get a chance to perform a tutorial live on different common cases.
  • Video Recording

November 16, 2021 - Inaugural Meeting

  • Presented by Michael Clifford
  • What is Operate First for Data Science?
  • Deploy Jupyter Lab and Notebooks easily with Operate First.
  • Learn how to get up and running with either a classic Jupyter notebook or a Jupyter lab instance with Operate First and start doing data science in the cloud!
  • Video Recording