Vault Runbook#

A runbook for common issues encountered when operating Vault on Operate First Cloud.

Missing Client token#

Error can be encountered when communicating locally via Vault CLI or via the Vault Pods. Error looks like the following:

Error making API request.

Code: 400. Errors:

* missing client token

In both situations simply run vault login and enter your token.

In the case of the Vault Pods, you should need to do it only once. The token is saved to: /home/vault/.vault-token Any successive terminal sessions in the pod will use this token.

Service account unauthorized#

When adding a secret store, and ensuring all information about the auth method is correct, you may encounter the following error encountered:

"could not get provider client: unable to log in to auth method: unable to log in with Kubernetes auth: Error making API request.

One of the causes of this could be the JWT token used to configure this cluster’s auth method has expired.

To resolve this:

  1. oc login to the cluster where ESO is deployed.

  2. run oc sa get-token eso-vault-auth -n external-secrets-operator

  3. Copy the token

  4. Navigate to this cluster’s auth method’s configuration, under kubernetes configuration enter this token for “Token Reviewer JWT” in json format this field is token_reviewer_jwt.

  5. Try creating the secret store again.