Updating OpenMetaData#

Instructions on how to upgrade OpenMetaData in Operate First.



Update Images in Quay#

We use Quay to store the images. By default OM community uses docker, but this opens us to rate limiting issues, so we replicate them in Quay.io. They are found in our quay repository with the om-* prefix. There are two images of note: om-airflow and om-server, for airflow and openmetadata respectively.

When a new release of OM is rolled out we need to update both Airflow (they provide a new image release) and OM.

Push these images to our quay repository.

Update Images in Manifests#

Run a search for om-airflow and om-server and replace their tag versions with the target version accordingly.

Update paths#

Go to the deployment patch and update the versions for the volumeMounts to the target version.

Compare release diffs for notable changes#

Go to the OM release page and compare the diffs between the current and target versions. Look for any notable changes. The OM community is moving relatively fast, so things like configuration changes are worth looking out for.