Add Trino database#

Follow these instructions to add a Trino database to an OPF managed Superset instance.


  1. Have a user/password with access to a Trino database ready

  2. Access to Superset with a role that can add databases, to get access see here

  3. Trino URL ready, and know the Trino catalog name

(e.g. URLs for smaug, os-cl1, osc-cl2)


Navigate to the Superset instance for which you would like to add a database, for example:

Login to Superset. Navigate to Data at the top menu

Click Databases in the drop down.

Click the + Database button. Select Presto.

In the floating window that pops up, choose a meaningful Display Name.

For the SQLALCHEMY URI, formulate the URI as per these instructions (use the expected connection string). The port should be 443. Test the connection. If it succeeds click Connect. You are done.

If it fails, verify above steps/info is accurate. If it is, please contact us on our slack in #support or make a GH issue in our support repo.