Provision Superset Access#

For Smaug cluster#

To provision Superset access to an individual user, we have a Superset rolebinding that provides Alpha level access.


  1. Fork/Clone

  2. Navigate to this location.

  3. Add the github users to this ocp group. Make sure that the usernames are lowercase.

Note: To give a user admin access, add them to the superset-admins instead.

  1. Make a PR

If you would like to give another OCP group access to Superset follow the instructions here.

For OSC clusters:#

  1. Fork/Clone

  2. Add GitHub usernames that need access to the following group:

    • For OSC-cl1 add users to this group

    • For OSC-cl2 add users to this group

    • As of this writing all users are by default given admin access to Superset

  3. Make a PR

  4. Request an invite to the OSC org, and the odh-env team. You can request it in #support channel in our slack.