Adding Managed Cluster to Identitatem#

You can use our Identitatem instance to automatically configure your cluster’s authenticatiion using the Operate First Authrealm.

Doing this would allow users to authenticate your cluster via Operate First Organization’s GitHub authentication.

To do this you need to first ensure your ManagedCluster exists in the apps repo.

Add the label authdeployment: primary to this ManagedCluster resource.

Ensure your ManagedCluster is part of a ManagedClusterSet that is bound to the namespace idp-auth-primary.

An easy way to do this would be to add the label argocd-managed to your ManagedCluster resource. Just know that this will also add ArgoCD integration to this cluster (i.e. the OPF ArgoCD will be able to deploy to this cluster.).

You can also create a new ManagedClusterSet, for this you will need to:

  • Add the ManagedClusterSet here.

  • Suppose it’s named $CLUSTERSET then add the label $CLUSTERSET to your ManagedCluster resource (similar to above).

  • Create a ManagedClusterSetBinding and add this new $CLUSTERSET to its clusterSet field. Add this binding here.